Fieldsof actaivity


Our fields of activity include the maintenance of all types of structures.

We are active in the field of actual condition assessment, damage assessment and evaluation, the preparation of maintenance concepts or the planning and construction supervision of repair and maintenance measures.

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Building maintenance already starts with new construction.

Thus, carefully planned and implemented durability concepts and object-specific maintenance management can make a decisive contribution to an economical and sustainable building.

We offer:

  • Client consulting in all project phases
  • Advice on building material issues
  • Development of object-specific maintenance plans
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A goal-oriented structural diagnosis to determine the actual state is the basis for a technically and economically optimal repair or maintenance.

The engineering office Raupach Bruns Wolff offers you methods of structural diagnosis and damage assessment adapted to the specifics of your structure.

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Investigation of damage
  • Actual state assessment of structures
  • Determination of building material characteristics
  • Building inspection, e.g. according to DIN 1076 or VDI 6200


When examining building materials and building samples, we usually work closely with the Institute for Building Research at RWTH Aachen University and, depending on the requirements in special cases, we involve other institutes of RWTH Aachen University or other material testing or research facilities.

Starting with the analysis of the original materials, e.g. the analysis of mineral building materials or organic building materials (coatings, reactive resins, joint sealings, etc.), to the determination of building material characteristics, up to the analysis of building samples, e.g. in the context of damage cases, we can thus offer you practically the complete spectrum of usual building material analyses, as well as the accompanying advice required for the selection of the test methods, sampling/preparation, up to the evaluation and assessment of the test results.


The engineering office Raupach Bruns Wolff offers you the preparation of expert opinions in all areas of building preservation.

This includes, among others, the following areas:

  • Determination of the actual state

  • Suitability of protective and repair materials

  • Development of repair concepts

  • Expert monitoring of repair measures

  • Assessment of damage cases

  • Quality monitoring

  • Service life assessment

  • Preparation of maintenance plans, e.g. for parking structures


The engineering office Raupach Bruns Wolff offers you the planning including tendering of construction measures in the field of protection and repair of concrete components. If necessary, we also prepare the required expert opinions for obtaining approval in individual cases (ZiE), e.g. for the use of cathodic corrosion protection (CCP).


The engineering office Raupach Bruns Wolff develops, installs and maintains monitoring systems in the following areas:

  • Corrosion monitoring (anode conductors, supplementary cathodes, etc.)
  • Moisture monitoring (multi-ring electrodes of all types)
  • Residual moisture monitoring systems
  • Crack monitoring systems

The monitoring systems include sensors and measuring electronics up to remote data transmission.


  • Development of new repair methods (e.g. adapted variants of cathodic corrosion protection and cathodic prevention)
  • Development of new building materials (mortars, crack fillers, surface protection systems, repair products for historic structures, etc.)
  • Development of new protection systems

For example, the engineering office Raupach Bruns Wolff is involved in the AIF research project “Studies on the applicability of conductive carbon-based coatings for use as external current anodes in the cathodic corrosion protection of reinforced concrete”, which is being conducted at i. a. the Institute for Building Research at RWTH Aachen University (ibac).


We are actively involved in the development of national and international standards and regulations. In this way, we are able to take into account not only the current status of standardization in our consulting services, but also changes to current regulations that are already on the horizon.

Our focal points in standardization activities include:

  • Working group of the German Concrete and Construction Technology Association DBV (leaflet “Parking garages and underground garages”)
  • Working group planning of the guideline “Maintenance of concrete structures” of the DAfStb
  • NA 005-02-96 AA Working Committee Waterproofing systems on concrete for bridges and other traffic areas (DIN 18532)
  • Cooperation in program committees of national and international conferences
  • Project Group TR Maintenance of Structures of the German Institute for Structural Engineering
  • Technical Committee for Corrosion Issues (FA Kor) of the Hafentechnische Gesellschaft e.V. (HTG)